A car accident can involve a multitude of vehicles and circumstances. Some of these vehicles or circumstances that can cause an accident include:

  1. Car, station wagon
  2. Utility, panel van
  3. Rigid or Articulated trucks
  4. Bus/Coach
  5. Motorcycle
  6. Four-wheel drive
  7. Road train/B-Double/Triple
  8. Special purpose vehicle (e.g. tractor, ambulance, motorised wheelchair)
  9. Towed device (e.g. caravan, trailer)
  10. Bicycle
  11. Pedestrian
  12. Wheeled recreation device
  13. Animals
  14. Railway rolling stock


Any driver of any vehicle has a duty of care to operate their vehicle safely and with a reasonable amount of skill and diligence.

Protecting pedestrians while you are operating a vehicle is another significant aspect of operating a car. Many questions may arise with motorists such as:

“What happens if a pedestrian causes an accident?”

“If a car accident is caused by a pedestrian, how do I prove that they are liable?”

“What happens if it is proven that an accident is caused by a pedestrian?”


It is important that you seek advice from an accredited specialist in personal injury for answers to these unique situations.

With respect to cyclists, new laws have also been imposed in Queensland that allows cyclists to equally share the roads with other vehicles. This means that they are no longer limited to cycling or pedestrian lanes and there are also other changes to the road rules to accommodate cyclists for their safety. It is important that you keep up to date with the new rules concerning cyclists in Queensland. These new rules concern situations such as maintaining a minimal distance when motorists pass a cyclist, which lanes a cyclist is permitted to use when entering roundabouts, more liberal access to roads shared with motorists and equal liability with motorists as operators of a vehicle.

In a car accident caused by an animal such as a pet, there may be a number of unique circumstances that may come into play to determine liability. Generally speaking, a pet owner is responsible for making sure that their pet is properly trained or restrained to prevent it from causing injury. However, this may change depending on the situation. Contact an accredited specialist in personal injury today to find out how your situation applies to the law.

Do not hesitate to speak with an accredited specialist in personal injury to learn about your legal rights and how the law specifically applies to the unique circumstances of your accident and your injuries.

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