Personal Injury Lawyers in Motorcycle Accident Claims

A common risk for motorcyclists occurs when the driver of a vehicle simply does not see the motorcycle until it is too late. This is known as SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You.) This most commonly occurs while changing lanes due to the relatively small size of the motorcycle. Furthermore, drivers who themselves do not operate motorcycles are also less likely to be aware of motorcycles while driving.

It is important that motorcyclists wear adequate protection such as a helmet (statistically, white helmets are more visible than black helmets) and do everything they can to be seen, especially at night. Proper maintenance of motorcycles and lighting is essential.

Both the motorcyclist and the vehicle operator have a duty to take reasonable care of other road users by exercising diligence, skill and care while operating their respective vehicles. Sharing the road responsibly is integral to the safety of our Queensland roads. Failing to do so may open you up to potential liability for a collision and serious injury.

The risk to motorcyclists also increases when there are unfavourable weather conditions such as rain, excessive sunlight or if it is night-time and vision is impaired. Road conditions may make driving more dangerous and can also affect a driver’s ability to see others properly or react to situations such as swerving or sudden lane changes.

In order to stay safe on the road, especially with motorcycles present, remember the following tips:

  • Do not ever assume any vehicle has seen you.
  • Learn to recognise each vehicle’s blind spot and avoid them.
  • Do not weave between lanes, especially in heavy traffic.
  • Try to stay long enough in each driver’s rear vision mirror to ensure you are seen before you continue on.
  • Use your horn to draw attention if you feel like you haven’t been seen by the other driver.
  • Move within your lane to improve the chances of being seen.
  • Do not be impatient, especially in slow or stopped traffic.

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